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Fleece lined windbreaker overalls with a lycra blend to make any activity a possibility.  The deep pockets can hold a plus sized phone without falling out, and when you put your hands in your pockets it is an extra cozy warmth.  Only available in black. 


Technical Overalls

  • I have been seriously looking for a pair overalls that don’t feel binding on my shoulders or givie me a wedgy.  I also wanted to have a piece that made it feel tailored to a women’s shape. I have shape and I like that about my body. This piece does it by giving movement and attitude. I personally have been looking for this piece for a while. This winter I found a pattern that was my grandmas. This is the holy Grail. Lady you can rock your Overalls with a belt or say “heck I don’t have time for that”. 

  • Our Featured model for these is Jodi Harskamp.  She is a native Californian (Bay Area) transplanted to Anchorage, Alaska 12 years ago. She has been flying for over 20 years and is currently a Captain for Alaska Airlines. Jodi attended UC Berkeley, majoring in International Area Studies, focusing on economics in Latin America.  She is an avid athlete and training for the Ironman.  She travels the world, enjoying all life has to offer, She also happens to be an organ donor.   Here is one of the many stories about her online:

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