There's lots of options and extras. Please click on the solid swatches and patterned swatches images to select you body and accent color choices. The body is the main front and back panel and the accent is everything else.


If you would like to add a custom Vinyl Design on leather, please follow the link and visit the page to see our latest vinyl decor offerings.

Lotus Tunic

  • The Lotus Tunic offers all the benefits of the Fleece Tunic: it covers your bum when you're wearing leggings; it keeps that bum warm, it stretches and moves with you, and it is stylish and fun to wear. The sleeveless design makes the Lotus Tunic a great mid layer in winter, or top layer in spring and fall. 


           • anti-pill fleece

           • optional custom leather appliqué 

           • machine washable

           • 100% handmade