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This tunic is made with heavy weight Ponte Roma 4 way stretch fabric.  This means it is a soft rayon with stretch vertically and horizontally, allowing the fabric to move completely and not feel restrictive.  With the arms and chest being the only parts that are fitted, the rest moves with ease.  The tunic has all the features; hood, pocket and thumbholes.  The sleeves are fitted to allow you to slide in and out of a coat easily.  The princess cut adds slimness and streamlines the pocket. Being that the Fleece Tunic was so warm you needed a less fitted collar so that it could breathe, this material allows for the collar to be more fitted as well as an extra notch to make the hood closer to the face.  Going with the theme Leeloo, there are five elements to choose from; Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Void.  The models are wearing size small.  If you like some of the other wearable art in the photos, please support Amy Kruse the artist behind the amazing leggings at LovefromAK, the adorable hats are made by Rachel Sullivan at Hibernation Textiles and the unique salmon skin earrings are made by Jessica Russo owner of the Peddler in Ninilchik, you can find her on Facebook.  We love our Alaskan Artists!


To see the color options and description of fabric please follow the link:  PONTE


  • Our Featured model for Lelo is Jane:  In the 60’s & 70’s, I was Jane Bubb. I grew up with Home Ec and Modern Dance at school.  In the 80’s & 90’s, I was Jane Faulkner. I raised my son and started doing a little skiing, biking & even my first mini-triathlon.  In the 2000’s I became Jane Adkins. I raced sled dogs (even finished the Iditarod), rode my bike 100’s of miles in races, took my horses on endurance rides (Alaska & outside), cross country skied (took 2 dogs all the way across the Denali Highway) and skate ski raced too. It was in this time that I finally found MY style from Mountain Mama. All the activities I do, I do in my skirts or tunics. I am always warm and in style for anything. I am the skirt girl

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